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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and concerns about close contact, some people are apprehensive about having contractors, workers, really ANYBODY in their home. And rightly so, as limiting contact seems to be the best way to slow down, and hopefully stop this disease, at least until the helpful folks at the UofS develop a vaccine!

But self isolating doesn’t mean shutting down the entire world. People still need food, medicine, and a warm bed with a roof over their head. And all of those components need other industries to keep functioning as well.  What I’m trying to say is, don’t let your home fall into disrepair under the guise of “self-isolating”. Famously said by many through history when things looked the most dire; “This too shall pass”.

If you have been thinking about renovating, don’t toss everything aside. Now is the time (especially if you have some spare time) to prepare, so when things turn around you are ready to hit the ground running. A lot of renos can’t start tomorrow, even if you are ready, unless you have prepared and ordered ahead of time.

At Sunview Windows, we custom manufacture our windows in Saskatoon to fit your home, so we are generally looking at ~4 weeks (up to 8 weeks on specialty products) before we can install. Rather than wait for everything to blow over, get a jump on it by getting a quote today. 

Now, I know I said that people are being told to limit contact with others, so Sunview has developed a handy window measuring guide to allow you to start the process in getting your windows replaced. Download the guide, fill out the form, and send it in for your free estimate!  You can also see examples of the types of windows, colours, and options by going to

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Just give us a call at 306-934-2870, or email at

We will get through this. Until then, support local business, the life-blood of our economy, and happy renovating!

Sunview Winter Window install Saskatoon

Why Wait? Winter Window Installs

If you’ve been considering buying new windows, don’t put it off just because it’s winter time. Not only is winter a great time to buy new windows, but you’ll probably have a shorter wait time to have them installed, too.

Sunview Winter Window Install Saskatoon

The biggest concern people have is “Isn’t it too cold out?” Just like summer rainstorms, there are days when the weather is not favourable to install windows. But, with higher quality caulkings and spray insulation, installing in temperatures as low as -20 C is tolerable.

Sunview Winter Window Install

“What about the temperature inside the home during install?” While it is true that to change a window, you have to pull out the old one, installers ensure that the new window is prepped and ready to go before the old one is removed. Once out, there is only an open hole for a few minutes before the new window goes in. In a bedroom, keeping the doors closed minimized the heat loss of the rest of the house. Finally, once you factor in the reduction of heat loss with the new windows, one day with cooler temperatures is well worth the increased comfort and temperature in your home for the remaining winter months.

If you still aren’t sold on a winter install, consider this: as winter is generally a slower time of year in the construction industry, it will also get you the best prices of the year! Sunview custom manufactures their windows right in Saskatoon, and we want to keep our production staff busy. By offering discounts on our products, not only do we make our customers happy, we get to hold on to our highly skilled workers as well, to ensure we can offer the highest quality products and service for years to come.

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