Why Buy Sunview Windows in Saskatoon?

At Sunview Windows and Doors in Saskatoon we provide new and replacement windows and doors. Featuring the worlds most energy efficient glass. We manufacture products that extend the comfort zone. Our company primarily makes windows but also offers solariums, sunrooms, screen rooms, conservatories and patio covers through Sunview Solariums Ltd.

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Why Buy Sunview Windows?

Advice From Your Trusted Saskatoon Window Manufacturer.

We have noticed recently that more window and door companies from out of Province are coming into the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan marketplace.  They are investing significantly in direct marketing to local consumers and promise significant discounts in their advertising.  We are strong believers in buying and supporting local businesses in Saskatchewan. We know from experience that dealing with locally owned and accountable businesses offers consumers many advantages.


Why Buy Windows Locally
Why Buy Windows Locally


  1. Get Better Window Products: Locally owned businesses like Sunview Windows in Saskatoon survive because their customers are happy with their products. Our customers know exactly what they are getting. They also know where it is coming from! Our windows, doors and sunrooms are made in Saskatchewan and are made to withstand the Saskatchewan climate!




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2. Get Better Customer Service:  The Sunview Windows team have great knowledge of the products we are selling, as we manufacture the products right here in Saskatoon. We strive to provide better customer care by giving special attention to each customer we serve. In addition we are locally accountable. Most of us have had the frustration of dealing with a Head Office elsewhere when we have issues with product or services. Who hasn’t been passed from one department to another, spending hours to sort out the problem. At Sunview IF a problem arises we are here , you can speak to us or come and see us in person easily!


Why Buy Sunview Windows

3. Get a better response time: If your windows are fitted properly, great, but what if they aren’t and you don’t realize until its -40deg C ? What guarantee will you have from an out of province (or an out of country) window company that they will be there to fix it in a timely manner?





4. Reduce Environmental Impact: Our window and door product isn’t shipped from ‘ somewhere else’ , it is made in Saskatchewan and we are proud of our environmental record.  We strive to always purchase our supplies locally and to use local businesses ourselves. This results in less travel and reduced air pollutants. If the window company you are considering is not a local manufacturer it means product has to travel to reach you…so if the quote is cheaper than a local manufacturer like Sunview, you should ask why? What corners are getting cut?  Why Buy Windows Locally


Why Buy Windows Locally


5. Create More Saskatoon Jobs – Local business like Sunview Windows & Doors provide jobs for Saskatchewan people. Local independent businesses like us are one of the largest employers nationwide


Why Buy Windows Locally


6. Buy Local – Support Yourself: Local business strengthens the economic base of every community. A good deal of the dollars spent with local Saskatoon businesses are used to make purchases from other local Saskatoon companies. This creates a domino affect that can preserve a neighbourhood and a city even in an economic slow down. Canadian research on spending, shows that for every $1 spent with a small or medium-sized business $0.63 stayed in the local economy.  In comparison to $0.40 with a larger business. If you are choosing window companies in Alberta or Ontario, then Alberta & Ontario are benefitting not Saskatchewan!

 windows bay bow window Why Buy Sunview Windows?

Here at Sunview Windows and Doors we are skilled professionals. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience from beginning to end! Contact us today to start planning your Sunview window, door or a Sunview sunroom installation today!

We build them – We install them – We stand behind them!

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