Sunview Summer Draw

Sunview Windows Saskatoon 2018 Summer Draw!

Sunview Windows Saskatoon 2018 Summer Draw!

Sunview Windows and Doors are your Trusted Saskatoon source for new and replacement windows and doors custom build right here in Saskatoon. In celebration of summer in Saskatoon, 4 lucky people will win prizes to some great Saskatoon businesses!

Sunview Windows Saskatoon 2018 Summer Draw


Simply fill out the form below to enter, and let us know which Sunview products you are interested in finding more about.  

The 4 winners will be drawn on August 15th and they will be announced on our Sunview Facebook Page Here . 

4 Awesome Prizes

Prize #1 The Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise – 2 passes

Cruising on the Prairie Lily you’ll see the natural beauty of the Meewasin Valley, the welcoming of our downtown, the friendliness of River Landing and the personality of our living river. They look forward to welcoming passengers for a cruise, dinner or brunch during the summer. 

Prize # 2 & 3 The Rook and Raven Pub – 2 x $25 gift cards

A comfortable atmosphere, casual “walk-in” service, fair prices, and quality ingredients. Well thought out food and drink menus executed by professionals, make for a quick business lunch, happy hour pints with co-workers, cocktails and shareable snacks with friends, or full course meals with that special someone. 

Prize # 4 Sunsera Salon – 1 x $50 gift card

Sunsera Salons is a full-service beauty salon, day spa and tanning salon offering the finest in haircuts and colours, hair removal, facials, hand and foot care, massage, body treatments and tanning.



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Door Decorating For The Holidays

Once you sweep away all those fall leaves and put away the fall decor, how will you start your holiday Door Decorating?

The seasons are changing and Sunview wants to help you start thinking of holiday Door Decorating, Sunview Windows and Doors in Saskatoon provide new and replacement windows and doors to Saskatchewan. The company primarily makes windows but we also offer solariums (also called sunrooms), screen rooms, conservatories and patio covers through Sunview Solariums Ltd.   Sunview Windows are proud to have the ability to provide the option of financing to our valued clients.

With guests dropping by for celebrations, Christmas parties, and holiday visits, you’ll want to have your entrance looking its best.  Here’s some inspiration:


Autumn decorating can be celebrated with a simple wreath hung outside your front door in warm rusts, golds, browns and greens. A twig or grapevine wreath flecked with peppers, berries or embellished with ribbon can make a wonderful door accessory. Even an unadorned grapevine wreath offers a simple way to let your door say welcome to fall. Tightly wrap a bunch of wheat with twine or ribbon and secure it to the front door for a spin on the traditional wreath. Spray the wheat bouquet with gold paint. Add a red ribbon and it goes from fall to Christmas in a pinch.

Wreath hangers, which usually hang over the door, add a more formal look to a wreath and are available in nickel, brass or bronze finishes. Choose a hanger that can be monogrammed for a special touch.


Create vignettes outside your house that pay homage to the season. Door Decorating  with cushions in fall coloured outdoor fabric can comfy up an outdoor bench. Flank the bench with pots of branches or fall flowers for a pretty autumn setting.


Make planters or containers out of creative objects like baskets or hollowed-out pumpkins, and fill them with a wonderful mix of mums, vines, leaves and berries.

Ubiquitous mums add instant autumn flair and can be placed in hanging pots, planted in the garden or set in decorative pots around the porch or front yard. Line your front steps with mums for a welcoming walkway.

For winter, arrange pine boughs in window boxes or planters for a festive welcome.



Creative potting

For a country look, use galvanised buckets or barrels as flower pots, either hung from a fence or propped on either side of the door. Door decorating with branches of colourful leaves can be placed in outdoor vases for instant foliage decor. Replace summer flowers in planters or window boxes with dried rosehips, willow branches, trailing ivy or gourds — anything that brings fall or winter to mind.



Door Decorating

Holiday transformation

Switching from autumn decor to holiday trimmings can be done in a snap. Wreaths can be traditional evergreen, left bare or trimmed with festive touches for the holidays. Replace window boxes with evergreen cuttings, adding holly berries for a complementary “pop”.

Top urns or planters with large pine cones for a simple yet classic look. Intertwine them with mini white Christmas lights for extra holiday sparkle.

Topiaries are a traditional, somewhat formal holiday accessory. Left bare or decorated with lights, framing the front door with a pair of these holiday stand-ins is a sure hit.

Drape a front porch or outline the front door with a garland of spruce, cedar or boxwood for a festive, welcoming touch.

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Energy efficiency of doors explained by Sunview team

Sunview Windows and Doors provide new and replacement windows and doors. Featuring the worlds most energy efficient glass. We manufacture products that extend the comfort zone. Our company primarily makes windows but also offers solariums , screen rooms, conservatories and patio covers through Sunview Solariums Ltd.

Sunview Windows are Trusted  Window, Door & Sunroom Experts 

Energy efficiency of doors

Doors are part of the outer casing of the house. Like windows, doors are subject to different types of heat loss: conduction, infiltration and radiation. If you choose to purchase a door there are a few things to consider. Storm doors are very efficient and when installed properly, protect well against wind and rain.

Energy efficiency of doorsInsulated doors are good for those who do not see storm doors as an option. Newer versions of the insulated door are usually made of foam and wood covered with metal. Doorframes are usually made of wood, dressed with metal or vinyl. Glass doors release a great deal of heat and should not be used unless necessary. If necessary, double paned low emissive glass should be used.

Limiting drafts from your doors

Draft proofing can prove to be the most cost effective way to improve your energy loss. Sealing the gaps and holes between your doors and windows will help eliminate moisture problems. It will also remove outside noises, not to mention reduce heat loss. There are a few materials used to draft proof depending on the size of the gap. The two main types of weather proofing are caulking and weather-stripping. Weather-stripping is mostly used to block air-leakage around doors.. To decide on your weather-stripping you must take into consideration; the size of the gap, durability, how easy or difficult the installation will be, as well as the appearance of the actual weather-stripping.

CApply-Caulk-to-Door-Bottomaulking is another common method used to reduce heat loss. It is not permanent and therefore will need to be repaired over time. There is caulking available for interior and for exterior purposes and each should be used for what they were meant for. Using an exterior caulking interiorly can lead to dangerous gases mixing with the air in a living space. This could cause serious problems. When installing the weather stripping or caulking be sure that all installations meet your requirements & follow manufacturer’s instructions.

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Sunview shares some Saskatoon Entry Door design ideas

Saskatoon Entry Door design ideas

Sunview Windows and Doors provide new and replacement windows and doors to Saskatchewan. Featuring the worlds most energy efficient glass. We manufacture products that extend the comfort zone. The company primarily makes windows but we also offer solariums (also called sunrooms), screen rooms, conservatories and patio covers through Sunview Solariums Ltd. We are a local company that manufactures our product right here in Saskatchewan. We care about our community.  Enjoy our latest article on Saskatoon Entry Door design ideas

Make Your Grand Entrance.

Madero Entry doors


While any old door will provide passage to and from your home, high-style doors can make a great first impression and offer a peek at your home’s interior decor. Browse photos of distinctive doors in our Door Gallery  to get ideas for your own home.

The Handcrafted, refined. Traditional beauty in revolutionary products offered by Madero in their new fibreglass series . Looking for a high quality, complete door and hardware package for your home? Contact us , we offer  a wide array of door designs.  You will be amazed by the configurations with highly customizable glass. We have hardware options suitable for both interior and exterior applications.




Coloured Doors your thing?

Feng Shui Front Doors

Saskatoon Entry Door design ideas

A red front door is thought to invite good energy in Feng Shui. Unique details, such as a sleek handle actually designed for an appliance, make this custom wood-and-glass door catch the eye.

Hello Yellow

Saskatoon Entry DoorWhen paired with blue siding and white moulding, this vibrant yellow door becomes a bright focal point that sets a cheerful tone before one even enters this home.


What ever option you prefer the look of, you need to ensure that it will work for your family. Thats where we come in!

The Sunview Windows and Doors team are skilled professionals. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience from beginning to end!

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