Does your home have weeping windows? Sunview Windows tip on humidity.

Sunview Windows tip on Humidity & Condensation

A Saskatchewan Winter brings some challenges! 

The moisture that suddenly appears in very cold weather on the interior or exterior of window and patio door glass can block the view, drip on the floor or freeze on the glass. It can be an annoying problem.

Sunview Windows tip on humidity

While it may seem natural to blame the windows or doors, interior condensation is really an indication of excess humidity in the home. Exterior condensation, on the other hand, is a form of dew — the glass simply provides a surface on which the moisture can condense. The important thing to realize is that if excessive humidity is causing window condensation, it may also be causing problems elsewhere in your home.

I have installed new windows and doors. Will this increase the level of humidity in my home?

Modern windows and doors generally have a lower air-infiltration rate than the older products. Also, when new framing is installed, with insulation and full caulking around the perimeter, the house is tighter than in the past has a lower rate of air-change.  Consequently, condensation problems that were not apparent before may surface and some of the steps in the section ‘Controlling the Level of Humidity’ will need to be considered.

Do identical houses have the same condensation problems?

Generally not. Just as heating and hydro bills vary between identical houses, with the same number of occupants, so will the level of humidity. Much of this will depend on the life-style and activities of the household and although appearing identical one house may have a slightly lower air infiltration rate, or other factors, that could influence the humidity level.

Recommended Humidity Levels

Humidity is water vapor, or moisture, in the air. Usually it’s invisible. In the form of steam or ground fog, enough has condensed to be seen. All air contains a certain amount of moisture, visible or not.



Medical authorities indicate that the level of humidity indoors should not be below 15%. It is generally acknowledged that the level of humidity in houses with a good vapour barrier should not exceed 40%, or, in older homes without a vapour barrier, 35%. Table 1, below, shows suggested levels of relative humidity for inside the home for varying outside temperatures.

Table 1 Relative Humidity with inside Temperature of 20 C (68 F)
Outside air Temperature C
-30 or below not over 15%
-30 to -24 not over 20%
-24 to -18 not over 25%
-18 to -12 not over 30%
-12 to – 6 not over 35%
-6 to 0 not over 40%


Controlling the Level of Humidity

Control of the level of humidity is aided if humidistats are used to control humidifiers. If the level of humidity becomes excessive the humidifiers should be switched off until the level of humidity is reduced to the correct level.

For normal day-to-day control of the level of relative humidity in the home the following steps should be considered:

  1. Water vapour is one of the products of combustion with natural gas stoves. Water vapour is also a by-product of cooking. The kitchen fan should be large enough to remove such vapour, or the kitchen door closed and a window opened for ventilation.
  2. Showers, especially, are a source of water vapour. The bathroom door should be kept closed and the room ventilated, using an exhaust fan, or by opening a window.
  3. Drying clothes on a line indoors and unvented dryers are sources of water vapour. The washing cycle is another source. When doing the laundry consider opening a window in the laundry room.
  4. Crawl spaces can be a source of water vapour if they have earthen floors which are not covered by plastic sheeting, or other waterproof membrane.
  5. Keep all rooms, even if unoccupied, heated to a minimum of 10°C (50°F) as condensation will occur in unheated rooms.
  6. As a general rule, long periods of background heating, plus topping-up during periods of occupancy, are more likely to prevent condensation than the same amount of heat introduced over a relatively short period.
  7. Open a window, or windows, for a brief period to ventilate the house each day.
  8. Leaving the damper open in a fireplace, or lighting a fire, will increase ventilation and assist the rate of air change.
  9. If you have a hot air furnace, install a direct fresh air intake.

Room-side glass temperatures – the room-side glass temperature plays an important role in occupant comfort in the home. With high room-side glass temperatures there is less likelihood of condensation forming, down-drafts are reduced making sitting nearer the patio door or window more comfortable, and maximum use can be made of floor space.
The thickness of the glass has little or no influence on room-side glass temperature. With double and triple-glazing units the width of the air space is an influence as is, in the case of Low-E, the layer of invisible “insulation” that has been added to the glass.

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Sunview Windows and Doors provide new and replacement windows and doors to Saskatchewan. Featuring the worlds most energy efficient glass. We manufacture products that extend the comfort zone. The company primarily makes windows but we also offer solariums (also called sunrooms), screen rooms, conservatories and patio covers through Sunview Solariums Ltd. Sunview Windows and Doors are made in  Saskatchewan Made.  We care about our community. Sunview Windows are proud to have the ability to provide the option of Window and Door financing to our valued clients in Saskatchewan.

Don’t be fooled by the toll free phone number, Sunview Windows and Doors are made in Saskatchewan 

Windows and Doors are made in Saskatchewan

Sunview windows and Doors are Saskatchewan Made. In fact all of our product is, including our sunrooms. We started of in Saskatoon as a residential renovation in the 1980’s. Our crew traveled throughout Saskatchewan selling and installing windows and doing every type of renovation from vinyl siding to building decks and patios.

Over the years as our small business grew bigger so did our team. By 1988, we had about 15 sales people and about 35 installers on the road all over Saskatchewan.

Sunview Solariums moved to its current location in Saskatoon and expanded its product line by purchasing equipment to manufacture our own line of PVC Sunview Windows.

We know our Saskatchewan seasons and we build accordingly! Not all window glass is the same. In fact, selecting the right glass can make a big difference in the comfort of your home as well as the size of your energy bills. We build to keep you warmer in the -30 weather in the winter. While being able to stay cooler in the +30 weather in the summer.

Sunview Windows and Doors are made in Saskatchewan Don’t worry we won’t let it go to our head! We may be getting bigger, but we know where our roots are.  We are always looking for our next challenge.  We’ve already added doorssolariums (also called sunrooms), screen rooms, conservatories and patio covers through Sunview Solariums Ltd. We’re proud to say Sunview is Saskatchewan Made, and we think it shows in some of our reviews.

What people are saying about us:

“I called Sunview Windows and Doors toll free line today expecting to get a generic franchise call center. The receptionist who answered was friendly and chipper (NOT AUTOMATED!) Wanting to make sure I got all the proper answers to my questions, She said she was going to transfer me (Oh brother here we go with the inter department tranfers). She transfered me TO THE OWNER! Stunned as I was I managed to blurt out my questions which he answered for me.  Talk about good small town service!”. – Mrs. Spence, Regina Sk.


Sunview Windows and Doors was efficient, professional and did a beautiful job, our windows are everything we hoped for. We now have light in a rather dark area; they look good, and they give our family room a feeling of being extended. We’re very satisfied with the overall results aesthetically and financially. We can’t thank you enough for all your efforts and our Saskatoon windows.

Phil H, Regina, SK


Sunview Windows and Doors are Trusted Saskatoon Window, Door & Sunroom pro’s

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Energy Loss through windows explained by Sunview team

Sunview Windows and Doors provide new and replacement windows and doors. Featuring the worlds most energy efficient glass. We manufacture products that extend the comfort zone. The company primarily makes windows but we also offer solariums (also called sunrooms), screen rooms, conservatories and patio covers through Sunview Solariums Ltd.

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Energy Loss through windows explained by Sunview team

Windows and doors are often a major factor in energy loss in your home. Single paned windows that have metal frames are not well insulated and do not keep the heat in or out very well. The edges of doors and windows account for a large amount of air leakage.  Energy loss through windows is the largest and most variable loss in buildings and has major  implications on energy consumption and peak heating and  cooling loads.

Types of Windows


Windows only take up between 5-10% of a homes total surface area that is exposed to outside temperatures but account for as much as 53% of the heat lost in a home. Older homes are more susceptible to heat loss because of the structure of the windows. Your options to fix these heat losses are to either purchase new windows or to try some low cost efforts to repair the window. The idea is to purchase the most energy efficient windows possible given your budget and your specific needs. Double and Triple Paned Windows are designed with a trapped air space about a half an inch thick, which functions as an insulator. It works by restricting the amount of air movement, slowing down the heat loss through windows. Low Emissivity Windows have a clear coating on the window to reduce the heat loss or gain. This is an almost invisible coat of semi-conductor or metal oxide film that is applied directly to the glass or on a plastic film that is placed between the two windowpanes. There are two different types of Low-E coatings, hard coats and soft coats. Soft coats are the most effective at reflecting heat and are better insulators of heat. The hard coat is incorporated directly into the surface of the glass and is less likely to be mechanically damaged, so in most cases they are used in single pane storm windows. Windows that are made with low-E films are usually approximately 15-25% more costly than regular double glazed windows. They will also reduce energy loss by around 30-50%. The energy savings will pay for the higher cost of the windows in around 10 years. Argon Gas is a motionless gas that manufacturers use to fill the space between the panes of glass to reduce the heat loss. Argon gas is often used because it is a better insulator than air and has a relatively low cost compared to the alternatives. Low-conductivity spacers separate two pieces of glass when making an insulated glass unit.

Window frame

SLIDE1The way that the window frame is put together has a great impact on the required maintenance and life span of the window. Aluminium frames require little to no maintenance and generally have a long life span. Fibreglass frames are not very available but are high in energy efficiency. Some of these models are filled with a foam insulator to better insulate heat. Vinyl frames require no maintenance and perform well thermally. Wood frames insulate well and have a long life span but they need to be protected from the weather. U-values let you know how much heat is getting through your window. Low U-values mean that there is very little heat getting through the window. Solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC) let you know how much of the sun’s energy is being transferred through the window frame. Ensure that your window is installed properly by getting a professional to install it; a poorly installed window will not work as efficiently.

How to stop energy loss through windows you already have

If you are unable to replace your current windows, there are other ways to improve efficiency and reduce energy loss. You should install storm windows. You can install these windows on the inside or the outside. Your insulation will improve by the dead air that is trapped between the windows. There are a few different types of storm windows such as rigid plastic storm windows, which are attached to the window with a mounting strip. There are the single pane storm windows, which are to be installed each fall and removed each spring. There are the permanent storm windows, which are more convenient than the removable type and have both screening and glass in the same unit. Temporary storm windows are plastic and are attached to the frame with tightly shrunken two-sided tape. Lastly there are window coverings such as blinds and curtains that can help lower the possibility of heat loss especially at night. Make sure that your window covering does not restrict the movement of air because it can cause the window to sweat.

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Sunview Windows and Doors Community Involvement – Trusted rebuild of Janice’s home.

Sunview Windows and Doors provide new and replacement windows and doors to Saskatchewan. Featuring the worlds most energy efficient glass. We manufacture products that extend the comfort zone. The company primarily makes windows but we also offers solariums (also called sunrooms), screen rooms, conservatories and patio covers through Sunview Solariums Ltd. We are a local company that manufactures our product right here in Saskatchewan & we care about our community.

Sunview Windows and Doors Community Involvement.

Janice Braden had no idea what to do after her home renovation job went badly off the rails. Janice had hired a local contractor, to whom she paid $20,000 in insurance claim money, but then left her house in shambles.

Sunview Windows & Doors Community Involvement

Janice Brayden stands in what’s left of the attic of her Saskatoon home. (CBC)

The single mom said she and a few friends arranged some work bees to do what they could, but she was mostly feeling lost.

Then she got a surprise knock at the door and a woman she didn’t know offered her help. “I was ready to say I’m sorry I can’t afford anything,” Braden recalled. “And she says, ‘No really, I’m here to help.’”

It was Sara Wheelwright at the door, the owner of TrustedSaskatoon. com.  It’s a Saskatchewan organization that partners with various businesses, which it has first vetted to ensure they are qualified and ethical.  They are also heavily invested in the community. Sara learned of Braden’s situation at her child’s hockey game. Wheelwright said she was a single mom at the time too, so she could empathize.

“When I heard the story I knew I could do something to help,” Wheelwright said.

Sara Wheelwright owns Trusted, a ‘ different kind of advertising and marketing company / organization’ that partners with businesses to ensure they are qualified, professional and ethical.  Sunview Windows and Doors is a proud member of the Trusted community and we are featured on both as Trusted window & door professionals. The Trusted team approached Sunview, along with other Trusted businesses, and told them Janice’s story. They asked for donations of time and materials.Sunview was happy to be able to help out.
It soon became apparent that Janice’s issues were not window or door related, so instead, we donated cash to the project.
When the project was complete in 2015, Janice was kind enough to thank each contributor individually – we are proud to share the video below . In it she speaks about Sunview,  and where the money went that we donated.  At Sunview Windows and Doors Community Involvement is part of who we are and what we do!

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